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Master React and build dynamic web applications with our comprehensive course. Learn fundamentals to advanced concepts​

  • Price : ₹ 15,000
  • Duration : 55 Hours
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Introduction to React

Components and Props

State and Lifecycle

Handling Forms in React

React Router

Managing State with Hooks

Working with APIs

React Best Practices

Testing React Applications

Building Real-World Applications

Advanced Topics

Project Work

Experience the Future

Dive into Real-Time Projects

Immerse yourself in the world of real-time projects and gain invaluable hands-on experience. Our projects offer a dynamic environment where theory meets practice, allowing you to apply your skills in a real-world context. From cybersecurity simulations to ethical hacking scenarios, you’ll tackle challenges head-on, honing your abilities and preparing for the demands of the industry. Get ready to elevate your expertise and make a meaningful impact in the digital landscape.

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